Highlights from Canvas Administration


Google Cloud Drive vs. Google Assignments/Embedding Youtube on your Canvas Pages


Canvas Events/Canvas "Undo"

Help with Zoom

Make sure your account is connected to the HCS zoom account.

Connecting Your Zoom Account.webm

Getting Started with GoGuardian

Getting Started with GoGuardian

Getting Started with GoGuardian.mp4

Setting Up and Using Scenes

Setting Up and Using Scenes.mp4


GoGuardian Troubleshooting Student Conflicts.mp4

Advanced Help with Go Guardian


-Teachers: Click Sign in with Google

-Students: Your user name is your student ID number (lunch number)/Your teacher will provide you with our standard password

-Teachers and Students: If you can't log in, please email for technical help.

Check out this ClassWorks Presentation for More Information

ClassWorks 2019-2020

Math Resources

How can I access my TI-84 Plus on my Chromebook?

Student: How to access Calculator App on Device.webm

Technology Support

Providing Remote Support to Students Using the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension