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Mountain Lions

Welcome to the Elective Team Page.

T. Siner
RM: 103
S. Jackson
RM: 101
Career Decision / Design & Innovation
W. Johnson
RM: 109
Computer Skills Application
M. Quick
RM: 107

CTE is the beginning of innovation in education.  Computer Skills Application class will help prepare our students for success in their career and college life.  With the advances in technology growing rapidly, and preparing students to be highly competitive in the workforce students must have a knowledge of basic computers and technology.  In Hoke County Schools, we focus on preparing students to be career and college ready, with an emphasis on real life skills.  Students will learn how to apply 21st century skills through technical writing, touch typing, and integration of technical knowledge and skills and core academic knowledge.  This class will prepare students to have the necessary skills needed by the workforce and universities.   CTE courses are aligned with rigorous industry and academic standards.  The students will be able to explore the importance of team work and how it relates to a productive and profitable business in a competitive market and society.

Computer Skills Application will include the following standards:

            Basic touch typing

            Literacy knowledge

            Team building skills




            Presentation Design
R. Blank
RM: 116
R. Basi
RM: 132
Fast ForWord
C. Wells
RM: 119

J. Courdway
RM: 108

M. Garcia-Chavis
RM: 106
N. Adair
RM: 104/105

L. Bryant
RM: 104/105

D. Gooseby
RM: 104/105


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